Lynbrook Chamber president looks back

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I got a great deal of satisfaction of being the president of the Chamber, especially as we celebrated our centennial in the village [in 2011]. I enjoy being a lobbyist — going before the village board and explaining to them what the chamber has been doing in the community. I get a big thrill out of seeing something pulled of successfully.

What’s something about the position that people in the community may not know?
I think few people realize how much work goes into being the president of the Chamber. We run numerous programs and you have to be on top of that. It requires an awful lot of time and effort. Wherever we have to be, I’m there. It was almost as if I was an elected official. It’s a very, very ambitious task to take on.

What would you say to a new business owner in the area to get him or her to join the chamber?
First I’d explain all of the good that we do in the community. Secondly, it gives you publicity — we have a directory that gets printed every year. Thirdly, you should be out there networking, letting people know that you exist. It’s like any other networking group where you have to get involved.

What are you most proud of from your time as chamber president?
I think the organization is more widely respected than it was before. We give away a lot to community events and provide thousands of dollars in scholarships.

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