Lynbrook Fire Department hosts Nassau Junior Firefighters meeting


On Sunday, Sept. 29, the Lynbrook Junior Fire Department hosted the quarterly meeting of the Nassau County Junior Firefighters Association at the Lynbrook Recreation Center. 

The Association, which is comprised of 38 Junior Fire Departments and Fire Explorer programs affiliated with volunteer fire departments in Nassau County, brings together all these junior organizations to promote camaraderie, community service and training opportunities to help develop future volunteer firefighters for our communities. 

Lynbrook Chief Edward Hynes and Lynbrook Junior Captain John O’Reilly III welcomed the members and their advisors. Hynes went through the Lynbrook Junior Fire Department program as a youth.

A real retriever

The highlight of the meeting was an address by Nassau County Fire Marshal investigator Joseph Whittaker, who introduced K-9 Umi, a black Labrador Retriever trained in accelerant detection by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency of the Justice Department.  Umi, who demonstrated its detection abilities, helps investigators solve arson fires in Nassau County and throughout New York State.