Lynbrook students learn about dangers of substance abuse

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In place of drugs, Ganz urged the students to develop more positive coping skills such as self-expression through the arts, exercise and sports. These activities increase feelings of well being by safely and naturally increasing dopamine levels.

Combating substance abuse by students is one of the major goals of the Lynbrook School District’s Strategic Planning Committee. The committee has created a five-year plan that establishes goals for academic achievement, facilities, communication, guidance programs and social work, and staff development, as well as combating substance abuse by students. At the December board of education meeting, the committee presented a report on substance abuse. In addition to educational programs like this presented at North Middle School, the district will be introducing the “Too Good for Drugs” program for grades 3-12, expanding on the drug education curriculum currently taught in health and physical education classes. In addition, the Athletes Creating Excellence program will begin mentoring seventh- and eighth-graders to help them avoid the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

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