Lynbrook waives fees for post-Sandy rebuilding


The Lynbrook Village Board has suspended fees for permits charged by the Building Department for 90 days in response to the vast damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The resolution went into effect on Nov. 19, when the board unanimously approved it.

The Building Department is also instructed to expedite the processing and issuance of building permits as well as the completion of necessary subsequent inspections to its fullest extent possible in order to facilitate such repairs and restoration work.

An excerpt from the resolution:

Whereas, many residents and businesses require contract work to repair damages by (Hurricane Sandy and a nor’easter) which would require such residents and business owners to undertake the process of application for payment for building permits at the Village Department of Buildings in order to accomplish said work, a process that can take considerable time and expense; and

Whereas, the mayor and board has determined that it would be beneficial to health, safety and general welfare of the residents and businesses, and of the Village of Lynbrook, that the village provide all aid and assistance possible in this aspect of government in the most efficient manner.