She's a survivor — so far

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“I definitely felt like I had a leg up on my competition, but ultimately I think it put a really huge target on my back,” she said. “I outshined even the men in some challenges, so people were very threatened physically from me very early on.”

In 2007, she was hired by Bear Stearns, an investment bank that was ultimately sold following the 2008 financial crisis. She then found a similar job at the investment bank Landmark Ventures in Manhattan, where she now lives. Upon returning from the Philippines, her job was no longer waiting for her and she is currently traveling the country for CBS making charitable and promotional appearances. She also tries to get to the Nassau County Aquatic Center in Eisenhower Park to workout a few times a week.

“Survivor: Philippines” airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. A finale date has yet to be announced, but stay tuned to see if Saint-Amour takes home the $1 million prize. At of press time, Saint-Amour has made it through five weeks of competition.

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