Learning the world's holidays


Kindergarten students in Paolillo and Janosel’s class at Maurice W. Downing Primary School in Malverne have been studying holidays around the world. Each day for the first week of December, students learned all about the cultures of America (Kwanzaa), Mexico (Las Posadas), Sweden (St. Lucia), Germany (holiday?) and Israel (Hanukkah). Every lesson was accompanied by students making a staple celebratory item from the country and sampling traditional foods eaten during the holiday.

For example, with Mexico, students learned how to act out the traditional Las Posadas celebration and made piñatas to take home. Students also had a chance to break open a piñata and enjoy a traditional Mexican Christmas cookie as part of their snack. The activity served to make students aware of the various holiday traditions celebrated outside of the United States.

Pictured, students make traditional evergreen crowns as part of the St. Lucia celebration in Sweden.