Malverne biotech lab sparks student success


Thanks to donations from Stony Brook University’s Center for Math and Science Education, Malverne High School’s Science and Engineering department was able to purchase equipment that is already affording students increased opportunities for advancement.

With this new technology, students are given exposure to micropipetting for measuring minute amounts of liquid — a practice often used in molecular biology — analytical balances for measuring small amounts of matter, a UV transluminator – which is used for analyzing DNA gels — a Polymerase Chain Reaction machine, microcentrifuge and a water bath.

“This will open up much more opportunities for students to do more high-level research and experiment in ways they otherwise weren’t able to,” Malverne High School teacher Charles Vessalico said of the lab.

The plan is to train students in grades nine and 10 on how to use the equipment and then have them begin to develop projects and utilize the devices as juniors and seniors.