Olympic hurdler inspiring Malverne runners

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he said. “The local community has treatedme very well ever since.”This year, Fly with the Owls, Inc. has teamed up with the Malverne Run For Education 5K and created a two-run series. Residents who sign up for one race will get a discounted price on the other. Adkins said he is glad to participate in local races whenever he gets the chance. “Whatever we can do to promote recreation and extracurricular activities for kids will be a good thing,” he said.

“Lynbrook and Malverne share a very special relationship as far as the school districts are concerned,” said Cathy Papandrew, president of Fly with the Owls. “There is a lot of cross-pollination as far as activities that kids are involved in. It’s a great way to enhance that neighborly relationship that we have.”

The Malverne race, which also goes through Lynbrook and Lakeview, will take place on Sunday, Oct. 14, at 9 a.m. The Fly with the Owls race will take place on Saturday, Nov. 17. Those who wish to sign up or find out more information can visit www.malvernerun. org or www.flywiththeowls.com.

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