Schools react to Sandy Hook


In the wake of the school shooting in Connecticut last week, the Baldwin School District sent letters to both parents and staff advising them of the measures it was taking to ensure student safety — both mental and physical.

The letters, from Dr. James Mapes, Superintendent of Baldwin Schools, began by expressing sympathy for the families impacted by the shooting in Newton, then directed both staff and parents to the website of the National Association for School Psychologists (,) for aid. Teachers were reminded of the employee assistance program, and both groups received reassurances that “the district works diligently to ensure a safe and secure environment.”

The letters continued to point out that “detailed safety plans are updated annually for the entire district and each school.” And said, “appropriate safety drills regularly take place.” Mapes also pledged to “review all practices and make any adjustments we believe necessary to ensure the safest environment possible.”

In his letter to staffers Mapes asked for district teachers’ help in identifying students who might need a little extra help coping with the tragedy. Parents were urged to

contact their child’s principal if extra

support was in order.