What are your memories of watching The Beatles on the Sullivan Show

Herald Viewfinder


  Even though I was just a little kid, they were my first loves. I still own my first pop/rock record album  “Meet The Beatles.”

Madeline Pearson

Historical society director


I went next door to my friend’s house in Brooklyn. We were so excited that we got paper and pencils and sketched them — just in case we never got to see again. If we only knew!

Linda Miller


I watched from my freshman dorm at Cornell.  I didn’t think much of their music at the time, But after “NorwegianWood,” “Yesterday” and “Here, There and Everywhere” came out,

I changed my mind.

I changed my mind.

Arthur Schlosser

Retired pediatrician

We sat on my parent’s bed with the “clicker.” Right after the show, my brother Bruce and I went into the basement. I played my drum set like Ringo, and he played air guitar like John Lennon.

Harry Levitt

Mur-Lee’s/public adjuster

I was curious to see how low Americans would soon stoop musically to call most of The Beatles multi-guitar-based, three-or-four simple chord changes per song “good music.” With very few exceptions, I was not disappointed. We all lost.

Frank Barbuzza


I was mermerized!  I was in heaven, it was wonderful. Their music was like nothing I’d ever heard before.

Elaine Spiro

Account executive