Village issued $75K grant to improve housing


The Village of Malverne recently acquired a $75,000 federal grant, administered by the County Legislature, that is earmarked for housing projects in Nassau County.

At a public hearing to request federal funding in March, Village Clerk Terry Emmel initially applied for a $100,000 grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development — much more than the $30,000 in federal funds the village normally receives each year.

While Malverne has implemented a total of $152,000 in funding over the past four years for residential rehabilitation projects — specifically the installation of curb cuts around town and renovations of the Malverne Public Library and Village Hall — Emmel said that this year’s federal allocation would fund repairs like roof and window installations for residents.

“The Village of Malverne is grateful to County Executive [Edward] Mangano for the increase in aid that has been allocated to our village,” Mayor Patricia McDonald said in a statement. “The slow economic recovery has placed substantial burdens on our most vulnerable residents, and we look forward to continuing support from federal and county sources.”

In determining how to make the best use of this year’s grant — which will provide up to $20,000 for any resident expecting to remain at his or her address for the next five years — McDonald said that the village board is evaluating applications from residents whose homes need work based on their incomes. Contractors hired by the county will do the work, she added.

“We’ve seen in the past that a grant such as this can greatly improve quality of life for senior citizens or those in financial need in our village,” said Trustee Michael Bailey. “We hope to maintain the high quality of life and dignity that our residents deserve.”

In keeping with federal stipulations, Bailey said, the county must conduct regular inspections of the housing work to make sure the funding is used properly.