Assembly passes bill to rename Southern State for McDonald


On June 21, the last day of the New York state legislative session, the State Assembly passed a bill to rename a section of the Southern State Parkway after Malvernite and New York City Police Det. Steven McDonald. The bill will now go to Governor Andrew Cuomo for review.

The bill would rename 10 miles of the parkway — running from the western-most start of the Southern State Parkway to the Meadowbrook Parkway — the “Detective Steven McDonald Memorial Highway.”

McDonald was a police officer for only two years when he was shot in Central Park in 1986, which left him quadriplegic until his death in January. Since the shooting, he spent his life preaching forgiveness and peace to groups around the world.

While the legislature is in session, the governor has 10 days — not counting Sundays — to sign or veto bills passed by both houses. But because the 2017 legislative session ended June 21, new rules apply. When the legislature is out of session, the governor has 30 days from the day the bill is delivered to make a decision. The Assembly Majority determines the bill's delivery date to the governor.

“I am hopeful he will make this a priority,” said Assemblyman Brian Curran.