Newcomer challenges Troiano for seat


Robert Troiano



Age: 60

Lives In: Westbury

Political experience: Nassau County Legislator since 2010. Prior to that, was a councilman in the Town of North Hempstead for six years.

Career: Prior to political career was a treasurer and senior vice president for Prudential Securities.

Family: Married to Sharon for 29 years. Three grown children and one grandchild.


Pepitz Blanchard



Age: 52

Lives in: New Cassel

Political Experience: None

Career: Originally from Haiti, got degree as respiratory therapy. Worked at a number of hospitals, including Franklin Hospital. Presently works at Nassau Medical Center.

Family: Married, four teenage children.


What is your seminal issue — the one issue that is most important to you personally and would like to purse should you hold the office?

Robert Troiano: Economic development as a vehicle for containing ever-increasing taxes. I am most concerned that the residents of my legislative district participate in the development projects I cited. I have already elicited a commitment from the developers of the Coliseum to utilize minority and women-owned firms for up to as much as 20% of the $230 million this project will cost. I will be monitoring their efforts to ensure they achieve the committed level. I intend to do the same with other projects to ensure that all Nassau residents have an opportunity to benefit from these developments.

Pepitz Blanchard: One of the most pressing issues that worries me the most in my electoral district is the tax rate and insecurity. Every year, school and property taxes continue to increase with no signs of ever reaching a plateau or decreasing. This is an issue that must be addressed, especially if those tax dollars are not being put to good use. Insecurity in my district is another important issue that I will be fighting for if elected on Nov 5. Just a few weeks ago, a young man was shot to death off Prospect Ave in Westbury The criminal fired eight bullets until he finally shot the young man. No individual should ever be put to such situation and unfortunately, the current leaders have turned a blind eye on violence in my community. I am tired of reading my daily newspaper and learning that another act of gun violence has taken place. We must create programs that keep our kids entertained and in school and off the street.


What are the qualifications that make you the best candidate for the legislative office?

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