Herald Editorial:

Vote ‘yes’ on Lynbrook’s $28.9 million bond


A vote to approve Lynbrook’s $28.9 million bond proposal this Tuesday is the most logical option. Doing so would ensure that the education of students in each of the district’s buildings is enhanced.

School officials should be commended for their efforts in listening to the public and assessing the needs in each building. While the bond does not address all students’ needs, it would provide larger classrooms and better equipment, helping them to reach their full potential.

Many of the district’s facilities are aging, and lack of space is a huge issue. Not only would the bond address these problems by modernizing classrooms and locker rooms, but it also would allow for more specialized classrooms designed for courses that many students want to pursue in college and potentially as careers.

After the original bond failed in March 2016, school officials gathered feedback through a voter survey, and held open discussions for nearly a year before cutting $15 million from the proposal and deciding to hold another vote. While a tax hike for residents would be unavoidable, it would be worth it to ensure that Lynbrook students receive a quality education.