Letter to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

Nov. 15-21, 2012


It takes a village

To the Editor:

The horrific events of the past two weeks, and the effect they’ve had on the communities of Lynbrook, East Rockaway and surrounding villages, have prompted me to thank the entire school community for its patience and understanding.

The Lynbrook Board of Education and administration did everything we could to bring our schools back, but were at the mercy of LIPA to repair our power lines. The parents and schoolchildren were very patient, and waited two weeks before school opened again. Just when we thought it was all right to open, another problem arose and we had to call it off again.

The devastation that happened to so many on the South Shore also affected many of our staff. In some cases, their homes have been destroyed and were uninhabitable — yet when we asked them, they came to work to fulfill their duties.

I would like to acknowledge so many individuals and government agencies that were instrumental in providing the much-needed necessities of everyday living. Mayor Bill Hendrick and the Village of Lynbrook staff, as well as the Lynbrook Police Department, displayed a constant concern and used a proactive approach in helping to remove downed trees. They alerted the proper agencies to address the dangerous live wires that were hindering our children from getting to school safely. State Sen. Dean Skelos and Assemblyman Brian Curran made a continuous effort to help our district get its power back.

I must also thank Chris Clark, a parent in our community, and his company, GDF Suez Energy, for donating a generator to Waverly Park School so we could bring all the children back before LIPA completes its work.

Lastly, and most importantly, thank you to all the residents of our village for their understanding and commitment to the district’s educational system. It truly does take a village to raise a child — and Lynbrook ranks number one in this effort.

Dr. Melissa Burak

Interim superintendent

Lynbrook Public Schools