Merrick Boy Scout’s honor is truly special

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Alex was home-schooled through middle and high school, and received a general education diploma from the state of Maine in June. He was home-schooled because New York no longer offers a general education diploma, and he would have been unable to complete the more rigorous requirements of a Regents diploma, his mother said. He finished his diploma through a Maine correspondence school.

He is now enrolled in BOCES’ adult welding program at Barry Tech in Westbury, working toward a welding certificate from the American Welding Society. His parents are paying for the battery of courses he must complete before taking his final welding test. Eagen developed a love for welding while working on a merit badge.

Developmentally, his mother said, “Alex is progressing, but he hasn’t plateaued. [We] shoot for the highest, and if we fall short, we fall short. We don’t treat him any differently. We never cut him any slack.”

And, Alex said, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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