Merrick college student carves out a virtual niche

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Pridgen said that she could envision her company adding more virtual internships in the future, but she cited a candidate’s trustworthiness as the most important factor. “It would depend of course on the candidate, if I can trust them to work hard when they’re not in the office,” she said. “We create a lot of content on our blog and white papers, so it’s great to have interns contributing to it.”

Rubin said that despite the fast pace at which technology is changing the world, including the internship landscape, she does not think working remotely will replace working in offices any time soon. Instead, she said she believes that virtual internships will give more college students a first foot in the workaday world.

“Speaking for myself, I’m always looking for an edge over the competition,” Rubin said. “I want to fit in as many internships as possible. More than ever, everyone has these crazy awesome internships on their resume … It is important to look at every internship opportunity out there.”

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