Letter to the Editor

No thanks to the Senator!


To the Editor:

This is in response to a letter written to the editor that thanked Senator Martins in the July 11-17 edition of the Herald. I do not understand how anyone can thank a senator for hurting the taxpayers of the Elmont Public Library. This has to do with Senator Martins’s refusal to sign papers to release a $100,000 grant to the library.

The lie Senator Martins is trying to sell to everyone is that he is pulling the grant from the library and giving the grant to the Elmont school district. To set the record straight, there are two separate grants—one for the library and one for the school. So why punish the library and everyone who uses the library? The board had planned to use the grant for solar energy; anytime you can cut energy cost, everyone benefits.

Since I have been on the library board, it has voted each and every year not to raise taxes. The library serves everyone and has programs for all ages. So why is Senator Martins punishing children, seniors, veterans and patrons? The board was only going to use that grant to cut energy consumption. Call Senator Martins and ask him why he does not believe going green is a good idea? Call him and ask him why he has to hurt seniors again? While you are at it, ask him why seniors are not getting a $350 rebate from the state in 2014. If you need the senator’s number, the library staff can help you.

This senator needs to learn that he is a senator for everyone in his district and not just a senator for those in the Republican party who follow orders. If you need to know about the $350 rebate gimmick, give me a call because I do not understand how giving someone who earns $300,000 a year $350 more is a good idea.

Patrick Nicolosi