Crossfit gyms to honor fallen L.I. vet on Memorial Day


This memorial day, Crossfits around the world will be encouraging members to attempt the Murph Challenge — one of the gym chain’s “hero workouts.” Julia Brite, a member of Crossfit Invasion in Bellmore, explained that this particular workout was created in honor of Michael P. Murphy, a Navy Seal from Long Island who died in 2005.

The workout entails:

• A one-mile run

• 100 pull-ups

• 200 push-ups

• 300 air-squats

• Another one-mile run

And the workout wasn’t arbitrarily put together to honor Murphy, according to Brite: “This was Michael’s favorite workout,” she said. Brite added that Murphy called it the “body armor workout,” because he did the workout in 20-pound body armor.

Anyone interested — not just Crossfit members — is encouraged to try the workout on Memorial Day. Registration for the workout is done through the Brite said she’s sure that it will be a “great community event” — for the good cause of paying homage to one of Long Island’s own veterans.

According to the Murph Challenge website, the LT. Michael P. Murphy Scholarship Foundation hopes to raise at least $250,000 this year to build a Navy Seal/cadet facility on Long Island dedicated to Murphy.