Assessing the damage in Oceanside and Island Park

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Sewage and oil that mixed with the flood water was the real problem, slowing recovery efforts and making cleaning much more difficult. Most of the floors have been scoured or ripped up. 

There is no firm date for a reopening, but the hope is that the gym will be open soon.


Young Israel of Oceanside

“We got hit,” said Rabbi Jonathan Muskat. “We have to gut out the entire basement and some of the main level.”

The synagogue still has no heat, and limited electricity. According to Muskat, it owns the two houses on either side of it and is getting most of its power from them. 

The building’s basement was used mainly for youth programs. Muskat said that the staff is considering putting up dividers on the second floor to make an area for children’s programs.

The second floor, where the sanctuary is, was undamaged, and services have been held there since the storm. Muskat said he is hopeful that, within a few weeks, services will be moved back down to the main floor again.

“We preach a lot about having faith and acts of kindness,” he said. “So now this is an opportunity for some people who suffered losses to actualize this feeling of faith, and for others it’s a time for them to actualize their kindness.”


Congregation Shaar Hasha Mayim

According to Rabbi Avi Kasten, the Congregation Shaar Hasha Mayim had about 20 inches of water in the building, most of which flowed down to lower levels and flooded the boiler room and a storage room. 

“The sanctuary and most of the premises were a few inches high enough [to avoid flooding],” Kasten said.

The building was not damaged, however, and partial heat has been restored. Now that the building has power again, services have resumed.


Chabad of Oceanside

The damage to the building was minimal. There were some leaks in the roof and damage to the building’s air conditioning unit, which was on the roof. 


Island Park Village Hall

“The damage to Village Hall was severe,” said Mayor James Ruzicka. “Probably to the point of being condemned.”

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