Happy Thanksgiving


Amid all the complaints about what did not get done well before, during and after the storm, we shouldn’t forget to thank those who did so much good while the winds raged, and have in the days since.

Linemen worked around the clock to restore our power. Village officials seemed to be everywhere, checking on the progress of the restoration. School officials and teachers were extra attentive to children’s needs and did everything they could to give them a sense of normalcy as quickly as possible. State, county and town workers dedicated themselves to the recovery effort. Police and firefighters risked their lives to help others under the toughest of conditions.

Business owners have been generous; clergy and congregants have displayed great charity; and volunteers have provided food, goods and services to those hardest hit. The Salvation Army, the Red Cross, Island Harvest, FEMA and other agencies have done great work, while community groups have raised money and held food drives, and neighbors have helped neighbors.

The Herald joins communities all along the South Shore in thanking all who already do so much year-round, but who have been especially generous since the hurricane struck.