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Fred’s legacy and success can be summed up by simply saying: “He made a difference!” Without Fred’s tenacity, boldness and desire to help his students, many would have fallen between the cracks and would not have succeeded to levels they could only dream of. For many students, it would not be unusual to hear Fred knocking at their front door in the morning to wake them up to get to school. Parents and students alike learned early on that Fred cared — and he made them care too!

Fred coordinated Department of Community Activities support for a number of worthwhile community endeavors including the Dr. Jay Kerner Mini-Marathon to support Cystic Fibrosis research. He came up with the idea for a Sports Forum — a yearly roundtable to open the doors of cooperation for all sports leagues in Oceanside. Fred participated on many committees through his school administrative capacity and DOCA. He was part of the 9-11 Memorial Committee, DOCA Advisory Board, Hurricane Katrina Fundraising as well as the Drug Alcohol and Wellness Committee. At Castleton Academy, Fred paired students with senior citizens to help with autumn leaf raking and snow shoveling in the winter. When there was a need, Fred worked to fill the gap and get the job done.

Fred is the kind of person who is never content with the status quo. Through his efforts, Community Activities partnered with many local and regional service organizations in our area. Fred is a member of Oceanside Community Service and a founding member of the OCS “Community Unity” committee. He has been honored by Oceanside-Island Park Rotary and, most notably, was awarded the “Heart of Gold” by the Oceanside Kiwanis Club for his dedication to our kids and our community.

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce is very proud of the leaders in our community. And we are proud this year to add Fred Koller’s name to the list of distinguished honorees for “Citizen of the Year.”


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