Oceanside Chamber to bestow awards

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Every December, South Nassau staff members share their holiday spirit and generosity to assist those less fortunate in our community. In 2013, the program sponsored 12 families and provided clothing, toys and food gift cards to them just in time for the holidays. Also in 2013, staff members raised more than $1,500 to sponsor a meal for 500 guests of the Mary Brennan INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network) in Hempstead, one of the largest soup kitchens on Long Island. Additionally, the INN received from the hospital’s Community Education department, 16 large boxes and six jumbo-size bags filled with new toys that were distributed to more than 300 families.

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce is proud to name South Nassau Communities Hospital as the Business of the Year.

Muller wins Youth Award

Oceanside High School senior Kelsey Muller is the recipient of the Chamber of Commerce 2014 Student of the Year award. She is a very well known student when walking through the halls of Oceanside High School.

Kelsey is an active member in Oceanside High School and throughout her Oceanside community. She is not only a member of the Oceanside Key Club she is also holds a position as officer in the club. Kelsey is constantly doing anything she can do help her community. If its giving up her Friday and Saturday nights to help volunteer at some type of fundraiser or event she is more then happy to give up those nights with her friends. Kelsey has even convinced many of her closet friends to even come along with her and join her in Key Club.

Whether its helping out her fellow Kiwanis members at the yearly Oceanside Communities Activities holiday party or helping at a Thanksgiving dinner to feed the less fortunate, she always has a smile on her face when doing so. In Key Club she has been a part of many events like the South Nassau Hospital 5K run and delivering food to the less fortunate.

Not only is Kelsey an outstanding person outside the classroom she is an outstanding student inside the classroom. She academically shows outstanding achievements throughout her high school career.

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