Ska is alive & well on L.I.

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Though Lucidity has played dozens of live shows in the past, Allen said he feels the arrival of the band’s studio album has enhanced the music, to the point where longtime fans will be “surprised at some points” while listening to their old favorites.

“I hope [our album will] help introduce our music to more people,” Allen added. “We don’t do too many shows, especially during the school year, but hopefully this will get more people to listen to us on their own.”

As the group looks forward to a new year, Klirsfeld said he hopes to launch “a little tour of some sort” with his bandmates, playing more venues across Long Island, at which time, he said, they can “continue to mature and progress as a band.”

“After all the success we had last year — recording our album, winning Battle of the Bands, playing all those shows,” Webb added, “We want to keep our success going into the new year. We just want to keep having fun with it, because everybody enjoys it, everybody in the band loves being on stage and just performing.”

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