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This week’s Herald is being delivered to every home in Oceanside and Island Park, and includes a copy of the Herald’s Guide to those communities. If you’re not a Herald subscriber, we hope that a look at the paper will convince you that you should be. Subscribing is easy and affordable. Look for the subscription envelope inside, see our ad on page 24 or go to liherald.com/subscribe.

What makes up a community?

Is it just the people who live in it? Is it the local businesses that have served its residents and have grown over the years? Maybe it’s the special landmarks that define the community to outsiders, or the libraries, schools or places of worship?

We think it’s all of those and more. And with this special issue of the Oceanside/Island Park Herald, we hope to show you just how special those communities really are.

A community newspaper is a singular thing — nowhere else can you find information that is as tailored to your community as you will find in these pages. There are dozens of newspapers and websites with stories about what President Obama said today, but what about Mayor James Ruzicka? The impact of proposed federal tax cuts or increases on people’s finances is certainly important, but is it any more important than how much your local taxes will be going up because of the new school budget?

The daily newspapers might tell you what is happening with No Child Left Behind and the Race to the Top, but where else can you get the scoop about your local schools straight from school superintendents Phyllis Harrington and Rosmarie Bovino?

The Herald is your gateway to the community. We are hyper-local, focused only on the communities of Oceanside and Island Park. When we cover bigger events, it’s all about how they impact you.

Our Neighbors in the News section shines a light on your achievements. It’s where we print wedding and birth announcements, the academic achievements of local students, the honors bestowed on residents and much more. We welcome you to send us your submissions so your special moments can be given the recognition they deserve.

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