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Monday, December 22, 2014
Working hard for their money
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At the time, the audit said, Scarlata was one of the most highly-compensated public officials on Long Island.
District officials have declined to make public his current salary, stating that it is a “personnel matter,” and therefore not mandatory to make public.
District officials did not return call for comment on the union’s contentions.
Workers, however, did notice a change since the first article in this series was published two weeks ago.
` “Just to let you know, just one day after your article came out, Mike Scarlata was outside in the 100 degree heat greeting the workers as they got back from their routes,” said one correspondent who works for the district, but requested anonymity. “That’s a first. He tried to play it all buddy-buddy with the guys, but they weren’t buying it. Better he should answer the questions about our contract.”

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