Life coach classes to help empower women at home and in the workplace


Are you feeling exhausted and overworked? Is your to-do list weighing you down? Do you have trouble saying no? If so, there might be some help for you.

Over the next three months, professional life coach instructor Joanna Peters will be holding a series of workshops in Oceanside for moms, career women and entrepreneurs who might be struggling with maintaining that perfect life they imagined for themselves.

“I teach people to not be an all-or-nothing person,” Peters said of her objective. “When I first found out that I don’t have to be an all-or-nothing person, that changed everything.”

Drawing from her experience of feeling unfulfilled after 18 years working in the corporate banking industry, Peters hopes to encourage other women that life isn’t just a series of to-do lists.

The idea is to inspire them to take a step back, look at their obligations, reassess, and separate choice from necessity. Some might feel that they have to do what others ask of them for the sake of people pleasing. “Finding the words, ‘I don’t think that will work for me,’” is paramount in her instruction, she said.

“The brutal truth is that you put it all on yourself,” Peters admitted but added that she believes once a woman can say no and separate the necessary from the voluntary she believes they can lead a more fulfilling life that benefits both themselves, their careers and the people around them.

Her $15 classes, which are to be held at Oceanside’s Department of Community Activities and the Oceanside Library this October, November and December, are inspired by the common issues she encounters talking to the women who come to her for help.

“I have been noticing for a while that there are consistent themes holding back many of the woman I support with private coaching. The symptoms show up for us all in different ways — perhaps a little anxiety or depression, overeating or yelling at our families more than we want to,” Peters explained. “What’s underneath often is a loss of awareness of what makes us happy individually, separate from keeping others happy or the never ending ‘to-do’ list.”