Roosevelt miniatures in Oslo

It isn’t unusual for some tourists to take hundreds of photographs when traveling, especially if there are multiple destinations. But finding among them photos of six Gustav Vigeland miniature …

‘It’s been a fascinating career’

“It’s been a fascinating career — I feel very lucky to have lived it,” said Cliff Richner, co-owner of Richner Communications and the longtime publisher of Herald Community Newspapers, who retired last month after 36 years in a family-run company that has left an indelible mark on local community news on the South Shore.

Bayville Bridge repair means four-week closure

How long will it take to repair the 80-year-old Bayville Bridge? That’s what people wanted to know at a July 12 meeting hosted by Nassau County Legislator Josh Lafazan. They also wanted to know …

Johnny’s Barber Shop: a long way from Russia

Hair stylist Alex Murdakhayev always had but one dream — to be the owner of a hair salon. But that was an impossibility in the Soviet Union, because prior to 1991, all businesses were …

De Natale and party take Bayville reins

In the early afternoon of July 7, Bayville’s new elected officials — Mayor Bob De Natale and Trustees Peter Valsecchi, Valerie Belcher, David Wright and Patricia Farnell — were sworn in to …


Enjoy boating, but obey no-wake zones

Open water, a cool breeze, clear skies, and the feeling of waves lapping at the side of your boat: Few activities are more relaxing and enjoyable than summer boating.


Take time to give the gift of life

Some 4.5 million Americans would die each year without blood transfusions, according to Brookhaven National Laboratory, in Suffolk County. That is why donating blood is critical.

Randi Kreiss

Local immigrants: the things they carry

Let me tell you about Olyy. But first let us peek behind the headlines and remember that some 1 million immigrants a year come to the U.S., seeking a better life. Add to that tens of thousands of undocumented people who stream across our southern border every year . . .

Alfonse D'Amato

Europe must help defend itself

The U.S. and its European allies gathered again last week at NATO headquarters in Brussels to discuss the mutual-security commitment that has helped keep Europe at peace for almost 75 years. In the past, these meetings . . .