Oyster Bay says 'yes' to $57 million school budget

Santos and Castrogiovanni new trustees


It was a big night of wins for the Oyster Bay-East Norwich School District when more voters showed up to vote yes for the budget than in prior elections. The budget passed by a margin of 754 to 275. The Library Budget passed too with 810 voting in favor of it and 214 voting no.

Newcomer, Nancy Castrogiovanni won a seat on the board. A director of human resources, she has lived in the district for 17 years and is married with three children. "We need to increase our test scores to bring them up to the level of our surrounding districts," she said in an Oyster Bay interview prior to the election. "We also need to better prepare Oyster Bay teachers, so they have the tools to prep our students for the exams, which may involve more teachers taking courses to improve their skills."

Maryann Santos also won. She is an attorney specializing in municipal finance who is married with four children. She has lived in the district for the past 22 years. "We need to provide for safe schools, that support a 21st century education, while maintaining budgets within the tax cap," she said prior to the election. "We must move to a more aggressive technology plan, breaking the barriers that have limited the education we can offer and how we deliver it."

All of the propositions passed too.