Threat null at Seaford School District


Students and staff at the Seaford School District were never at risk, after a threat went out this morning, according to at least two emails from school officials.

Superintendent of the Seaford School District Adele Pecora notified Seaford school families in one email sometime Monday morning of “a generic, non-credible threat [made] against a non-specific school district.”

“Please know, at no time was the safety of students or staff at risk,” she said in the email.

Pecora said the Nassau County Police Department was immediately notified and “officers were dispatched to both the middle and high school to investigate.”

An anonymous alert system was implemented at the start of the school year, according to Pecora via the email. She said “suspicious activity, bullying or other student-related issues” can be anonymously submitted by parents and students in the school community to a school administrator.

“We encourage you to report important issues,” she said.

A second email by Pecora to Seaford families revealed that there was an “unfamiliar Silver Infinity at the bus stop located at Peconic and Bayview this morning.” A parent notified the district and “also filed a police report with the Nassau County Police Department,” Pecora said in the email, adding that the department would “increase their presence at that bus stop this afternoon during drop-off and tomorrow morning’s pickup.”

“We appreciate the vigilance of this parent,” Pecora said in the second email. “As we teach our students, if you see something, say something.”