Rockville Centre Board of Education candidates in their own words

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I believe that the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from my board and committee leadership positions, as well as my CPA background, will make me an asset to our Board of Education. My opposition’s rallying cry is that I’m not qualified to be on the board because my children don’t attend the schools. All Rockville Centre taxpayers have the right to be represented, and having an independent viewpoint should be welcomed. I am a strong advocate of financial transparency, and if elected, I will make it my mission to assist all residents in making educated decisions related to our school district. If our budget increases continue at this year’s rate, our school taxes will increase almost 42 percent in 10 years. Preserving the quality of a Rockville Centre education must work hand-in-hand with fiscal responsibility. Change will take time, but this is a journey our community must begin now.

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