Chasing Amy

What is Amy Schumer up to this week?


Did you know that Rockstar comedienne Amy Schumer is a South Side High School graduate and also attended Hebrew School at Central Synagogue? Because of her ties to the neighborhood, we thought we’d give updates on what she’s up to on any given week.

This week, it was reported that Schumer is in negotiations to play the title role in an upcoming Barbie movie based on the popular Mattel toy. In the film, Barbie learns that she doesn’t fit into perfectionist Barbieland and is expelled to the real world, where she would learn that her uniqueness is actually an asset. The movie plot is similar to the 1984 flick “Splash”, starring Darryl Hannah and Tom Hanks.

In January, Mattel announced that released a new line of dolls that featured ones that are tall, petite and curvy.

As expected, the announcement of Schumer taking on this role created a backlash on social media. Most of the Twitter responses poked fun at the her plump figure, but others came to her defense and supported the idea.

Schumer is an outspoken advocate for people being comfortable with their bodies and often shares her own body images on social media.

But for now, her body is not agreeing with her as she was forced to cancel four tour stops this month in Australia due to an illness.