Rockville Centre family reunites after bombing

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“[We] found her by 10 after three,” said Maria. “She spotted us amongst thousands of people after we got off the T. The cell towers were down [again] at this point, so we were lucky she found us.”

It wasn’t until later that day, after the area was evacuated and the family was safely back on the BC campus, that they learned the story of the day’s events.

“We’re so fortunate, but I felt so bad for her,” Maria said. “That gratification at the finish line—she’ll never know what that felt like.”

Three days later, after the second bomber was arrested and the city ended the lockdown, Natalie was finally able to come to terms with what had happened.

“When the police captured the living bomber, you could feel the whole city relax,” she said. “No one can believe that a day that started off so well ended so terribly. But it’s also amazing, the acts of kindness I saw that day. I feel lucky to be okay, and I’m so glad there were so many people to take care of those who weren’t.”

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