Rockville Centre braces for Nemo

Village explains snow removal, gives tips for residents


As Nemo begins to drop snow on Long Island, the Village of Rockville Centre is ready to take action both during and after the storm.

Village officials spent much of Friday in meetings to prepare for the storm. There are hundreds of tons of salt and thousands of gallons of calcium chloride stockpiled at the Department of Public Works headquarters.

The DPW has nearly 50 workers who work around the clock once the snow starts. In the early stages of the storm, workers will be out salting village streets, starting with the main roads in the downtown area. Salting continues on village roads until the snow stops or accumulates to two or three inches.

Once the snow begins to accumulate, plowing becomes more effective. Village plows will be on the streets all throughout the storm, working the same routes to make sure roads stay as clear as possible.

Rockville Centre advised residents to be patient after the storm ends. Under the best conditions, it could take anywhere from eight to 10 hours to completely clear the streets.

The village also offered tips for residents when they begin clearing out their properties:

  • If residents have a fire hydrant on their property, clearings now away from it should be a priority so the fire department can reach it in case of an emergency.
  • All cars should be moved into the driveway before the snow gets heavy. Parking on the streets during a snowstorm is prohibited.
  • When clearing your sidewalks, make sure not to move the snow into the street. This can create icy conditions later on. All snow must be cleared off sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of the storm.

If you see any hazardous conditions during the storm, call the DPW at 678-9267. At all other times, call the Village’s 24-hour emergency number at 766-5800. All other emergencies should go to the Police Department at 766-1500.