Rockville Centre school district seeks help to save a life


The Rockville Centre School District has called for help in an attempt to raise money to save the life of the mother of a local teacher.

History teacher Vinnie Falivene’s mother, Barbara Olsen Falivene, could not afford health insurance and she is not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. Her gall bladder burst on Oct. 21, causing her organs to begin to shut down. She will only be allowed into Mt. Sinai Hospital, where she can be treated through surgery, if she and her family can raise $200,000.

“People are giving, but it is slow going and he is racing the clock,” wrote South Side High School Principal Carol Burris in a letter calling for help. “He is a beloved teacher.”

A legal, tax-deductible charitable fund was set up, and anyone who would like to make a donation can visit the website