South Side High School works to spread the message of 'Dignity for All'


On April 30, South Side High School hosted an event that called on both students and teachers alike to make all students feel accepted and safe at the school. According to Nicole Knorr, a SSHS Social Worker and Dignity Act Coordinator, the Anti-Bullying Club Fair and presentation of “Bully” successfully sent the message of “Dignity for All” because of the creativity and expression of the students involved.

“Throughout the course of the school year, the GSA [Gay Straight Alliance] has worked to promote acceptance of all students through our ‘Be the Change’ campaign,” Knorr said. “The event last night was a demonstration of these efforts. Creating a school environment that fosters the educational, social and emotional health of its students is essential to helping all students feel empowered and accepted. It aids them in developing a positive self-image and gives them the strength to pursue their goals.”

During the event, participants had the chance to sign an anti-bully pledge and visit the booths of various school clubs, after which everyone went into the auditorium to watch the documentary “Bully.” According to Knorr, $140 was collected and will be donated to the Bully Project.