With these letters, Hewitt kindergartners thee wed


Kindergarten students at Jennie E. Hewitt Elementary School came together to unite the letters Q and U in matrimony on Feb. 17 to culminate Literacy Week. And nobody objected!

With balloons, lollipops and makeshift candies adorning the auditorium, the staff and children put on a memorable wedding ceremony that featured music, poetry and even an exchange of vows performed by Chris Pellettieri, the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction.

Brody Hoenig played the groom, Mr. Q, and entered to the song “My Boy Lollipop.” He was dressed in a black suit with a pink bow tie, a top hat and white sunglasses. Kate Marmorale was Ms. U and wore a white dress with pink polka dots and a tiara as she walked in with the song “Sweet Letter U” playing in the background. Their classmates represented the consonant letters, which were held up on lollipops, and were clad in different colored t-shirts and eight other students formed the “Lollipop Guild,” which resembled the wedding parties.

Liam Price, Leah Maccone, Finnian Price and Fabian Palomino were the readers.

Pellettieri then led all of the children in the declaration of commitment to make words.

“I, Mr. Q,, pledge to take Ms. U with me wherever I go and to stand beside me in all the words that I will make,” the kids repeated after Pellettieri. “I Ms. U, pledge to follow Mr. Q in all other words that you can make, even though I can make my own words.”

The children then sang James Taylor’s “How Sweet it Is” before Pellettieri continued with the all-important exchange of vows.

“Mr. Q and Ms. U, will you stand by each other in queasy and quarrelsome times in all words big and small?” he asked. When the children approved, Pellettieri made the marriage official.

There was a reception in the lunch room immediately following the ceremony.