Rockville Centre's Hewitt helps fellow students in need


First grade students at Hewitt Elementary have been working hard to collect school supplies for students in East Rockaway.

Teachers Kristen Clancy, Maria Argondizzo, Donna Jackson, Colleen Powers and Louise Sommers decided to make this part of the first grade’s Community Service Project after the East Rockaway students lost so much in the Hurricane Sandy.

According to Clancy, Rhame Avenue School in East Rockaway was damaged during the storm, and the entire school is now being housed in Centre Avenue School.  There are now two classes of students for every classroom at Centre Avenue. Each classroom holds 40 to 50 students and Clancy said the students of East Rockaway are desperate for school supplies and everyday items.

The first grade students began by brainstorming about the different supplies that the students needed for everyday use, including pencils, paper, crayons, glue, scissors and notebooks. From there they started collecting these items and, in total, collected 10 boxes of supplies that were donated on Dec. 6 to the Centre Avenue School.