Reading aloud gets new impetus

“Everybody loves to be read to,” said Julie Rosslee, director of English language arts, reading and libraries in the Wantagh School District. Nearly everyone has evocative memories of being read to by a treasured caregiver as a child, or of reading to children as a parent or grandparent.

Local luge racer takes gold at nationals

Hurtling down the side of a mountain at speeds of up to 85 miles per hour, the luge slider lies back on a pod of fiberglass bolted to a steel superstructure. Steered by foot movements, the sled itself is a high-tech construction, but the sport is about as basic as it gets: slider, sled, ice — and speed.

Jones Beach Nature Center draws a crowd

Two hours after Marine Mammals Celebration Day began on Feb. 23, the Jones Beach Nature Center was packed with people exploring the center and learning about water creatures.

Barbara kicks off her campaign in the 19th L.D.

Gina Barbara, a Wantagh resident running for Nassau County legislator in the 19th District, showed her love for community members during her official campaign kickoff on Feb. 25.

Town officials enact pre-emptive pot ban

Members of the Hempstead Town Board unanimously decided to get out in front of impending recreational marijuana legalization at the state level. With a vote of 7-0, the Town Board enacted a moratorium of one year on the sale of pot within the town, and a ban on smoking it in town parks and facilities.

'A Private War' lays bare a journalist's life

It’s not my family/ In your head, in your head, they are fighting/ With their tanks, and their bombs/ And their bombs, and their guns/ In your head, in your head they are crying.” — From …

Valentine’s Day mission: find the real thing

Valentine’s Day, the fire sale of romantic love, seems a perfect time to push back and get real. Let’s sift through the dross of life for gold nuggets, for the small things and moments that we …