Children's clothing, parties, classes and more


My Beach Baby
132 E. Park Ave., Long Beach
(516) 432-3244,

Still celebrating its grand opening, My Beach Baby offers an assortment of child-related products and services not often found under the same roof. Up front is a colorful store that sells unique children’s clothing and toys. In the back, another room is used for birthday parties, children’s art and robotic classes, play time sessions, and even courses for new or about-to-be parents. Need two dozen hand-made princess hats? They can make them for you. Ideas abound, there’s more to come.

This “We do everything” concept was conceived and created by two Long Beach mommies, Lacy Eidens and Heather Freiser, who are friends that share much in common. Both have toddlers, a passion for all kinds of children’s clothing, enjoy party planning, and felt the need for an extra place where kids can learn and grow while having fun. New visions keep flowing, and if you click on “events” or “classes” on their website, you’ll see what’s been happening, and what is being planned.

My Beach Baby has partnered with a company called Birth Day Presence, a childbirth education institute in New York City. They will be offering one-day “express childbirth” classes for couples on weekends, covering subjects like labor, pain management, breathing, massage techniques, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, medication options, understanding medical support and more.

Another partnership is with Robofun, which will offer pre-robotic classes to little engineers. Children can develop new skills in mathematics and science while constructing LEGO projects that include robotic materials to make the project move. A series of 10 sessions will start right after Labor Day, ending in a final presentation for family and friends.

Yet another partnership for classes is with Bilingual Birdies, an organization that encourages cross-cultural awareness through foreign language and live music. Babies, toddlers and pre-school children can learn Spanish, doubling their vocabulary and setting a foundation to learn advanced skills and problem solving. Children are encouraged to develop a deeper sense of compassion and curiosity for others.

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