Library News

Seaford readers get rewarded


Jester Jim visited Harbor Elementary School on Aug. 15, a treat for children who took part in the Seaford Library’s summer reading program.

He delighted kids with juggling, balancing and musical routines, and several audience members were invited up on stage to participate. This summer, he has performed more than 200 library programs, and has visited Seaford in the past. “He’s hysterical,” children’s librarian Cindy Schaaf said. “I have him every year.”

Miss Cindy, as she is better known to children and parents alike, said that 816 kids took part in this year’s summer reading program. The theme was “Fizz! Boom! Read!” and there were activities on a regular basis throughout the summer. The club was open to children as young as 2, and up to fifth grade.

“We have one of the largest reading clubs in the county,” Miss Cindy said. “For a small community, we get big numbers.”

As children completed books this summer, they had to report to the library, either verbally, through words or a picture. To earn a completion certificate, children in first grade and younger had to read 10 books, and second- through fifth-graders had to finish seven.

Miss Cindy said some of the more popular book series this summer were “I Survive” and “Magic Treehouse.”