Construction Advisory

Town begins road work in Seaford


The Town of Hempstead has announced that it will be repaving Nancy Lane in Seaford as part of its Capital Improvement Program. The road runs from Marina Park Drive to Darby Lane.

The project, which is now under way, will include new asphalt, the construction of pedestrian access ramps at all intersections, and the installation of new curbs and driveway aprons. The work is expect to cost $175,000.

Work will be performed by contractors that secured the projects through a competitive bidding process. The town will strive to maintain access for Nancy Lane residents at all times, but some disruption of traffic and temporary disuse of driveways should be expected. Areas disturbed by construction will be fully restored upon completion.

“We thank neighbors for their patience and understanding as work commences on their streets,” Councilwoman Angie Cullin said. “Once completed, neighbors will certainly be pleased with the results.”