South Seaford anchorage open space – for now


by Laura Schofer

“It’s a little piece of heaven.” That’s how Stephanie Victor described the small swath of land located between 3654 and 3644 Ocean Avenue on the most southerly tip of Seaford. This small piece of land, called by some an anchorage plot, beachfront or community boat launch, looks out onto the wetlands and beyond to the Great South Bay. It is the last piece of undeveloped land along Ocean Avenue and is now in the center of a dispute over a boundary line agreement.

“The property owners have approached the Town to request a boundary line agreement,” said Town spokesperson Susie Pokalsky. A boundary line agreement determines where one property begins and another ends. If granted, it would give the two neighbors the right to use the land.

The lot, once in its natural state, has been transformed by grass, plantings and a fence into a well maintained side yard.

When Stephanie Victor and her husband Michael learned about the possible agreement that would make this public land private, they put flyers in mailboxes informing her neighbors asking them to contact the Town of Hempstead. The Victors, who live and work one house away from the property in question, have been in Seaford Harbor since 1984.

“O.L. Schwenke developed Seaford Harbor in the 1920s and he left 10 lots open for public use. It was his vision to have open land. Most have been encroached upon but this is the last one and we want it open for everyone to use,” said Mrs. Victor.

It worked. “The Town of Hempstead will not enter into an agreement unless the owner of the upland is determined,” said Ms. Pokalsky.

But here’s the rub. The clause, which states that Seaford Harbor residents own these public lands, is found only in the original deed. “Most people don’t have or can’t find the original deeds,” said Mrs. Victor.

“The owner is uncertain at this time,” said Ms. Pokalsky. “Until the issue of who owns this land is determined the town cannot enter into this agreement.”

In the meantime, the Seaford Harbor Homeowners Association will hold a meeting to discuss this issue on October 15 at the Seaford library. All residents are encouraged to attend.