All overdoses are bad, not just from illegal drugs

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I commend our local leaders for addressing drug abuse and overdose straight on, as they are increasing awareness, prevention and enforcement for the community. I urge the community to take advantage of all the resources that are being offered. This Narcan program being hosted is another tool to help reverse the effects of an overdose, but you still need to immediately call for help. Often Drugs are not alone but as a combination of many within one pill. They can be of many types with different concentrations and effects on the body. The half-life of the drug that the person took may be longer than of the Narcan and when it wears off the person may go back into the unsafe condition. Narcan will only work on opioid-based overdose, and it will not work with other overdoses that may have a similar presentation. The ambulances that the LBFD operate are all equipped with the medications and equipment to recognize and treat these events. Remember, you are not alone when it comes to drug-related events; there are people who are immediately able to assist.

Lt. Sam Pinto is a career firefighter, nationally certified fire instructor and paramedic for the LBFD. He can be reached at

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