Art, life and Lady Macbeth in a strapless gown

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For me, this was total immersion and escape, even comfort. I’m reminded that the political characters currently on the American stage will be gone before long. The stinging disappointment with a particular program or leader will pass. But art stays. Theater will always bring us out of the moment and toward a realization that our own lives have precedent. We have in common our humanity, which we share not only with everyone we know, but everyone the great writers ever imagined, including the cunning, ambitious Lady Macbeth and the sad, lonely Laura in “Menagerie.”

I’m sure “Kinky Boots” and “The Lion King” also offer lively escape and diversion; however, the classic dramas offer more. They tell us we are not alone in this journey.

For at least a couple of hours on a given afternoon or evening, we can shed the ties that anchor us to this time and place, and dream.

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