Children need to know how to fight bullying

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We create new habits for our children when we teach them the communication skills they need. As a suggestion, tell them to stay at least three feet away from a bully, never show they are sad or scared, never have a conversation with a bully, use a power word, and walk away. After three times with the same bully, tell an adult. However, tell an adult the first time a bully has any physical contact with them.

A bully is a person who wants power over you — some power words to take your power back are “oh, so, OK, what, whatever, thank you.” These work in most situations and are far better than cursing or name calling. Tell your children to be proactive in keeping bullying situations away by giving a compliment to a different child each day, including all children in conversation sitting near them at their lunch tables, and never leaving other children out at play in the school year.

These things work. If we don’t give children skills to combat bullying, what is the alternative? We have seen the tragedies that can occur as they grow older if they feel powerless. No child should be sad at school

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