Choose Iadevaio, Trogel, Rubenstein in District 24

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Maier, a retired police detective, can provide valuable insight into how to make the schools safer. Rubenstein, a social worker, has a great grasp of the need to provide students with emotional support in school.

Either one will make a fine board member, and will help continue the good work the District 24 Board of Education has been doing. Both have children in the elementary schools. It’s hard to go wrong either way.

Our endorsement goes to Rubenstein. His experience as a social worker can be very valuable in a district that places such emphasis on character education and social and emotional learning. He would continue to have at least one child in the elementary schools for an entire three-year term. The voice of elementary school parents is largely lacking on the board.

On May 21, return incumbents Iadevaio and Trogel to the board, and select Rubenstein to fill the third seat.

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