DiSibio, Farrell are the choices in District 13

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Farrell is a long-time PTA leader, first at Wheeler Avenue School and now with the Central/Memorial PTA. Pomerantz has taught in District 13 for 31 years and is retiring in June. She also lives in the district, and her children attended the schools.

Both can bring a different perspective to the board. Farrell has children enrolled in the schools, though at the secondary level. The District 13 board is thin on parents of current students. Her demonstrated leadership through the PTA would be an asset.

Pomerantz knows the educational issues affecting schools very well, and has contributed to the development of the district’s new teacher evaluation plan. She has also held leadership positions with the teachers union, where she is a unit leader.

Farrell lives in the Wheeler Avenue School section of the district. Despite the fact that it is the largest of District 13’s four elementary schools, there is not a single representative on the seven-member board from this neighborhood, nor from anywhere in the Village of Valley Stream. Yet Malverne, Franklin Square and North Valley Stream are well-represented.

Board members are elected to represent the entire district. Therefore, we think it would be good to have a representative from every area of this district on the board, to make sure each school’s needs are being met. For this reason, our endorsement goes to Farrell.

We encourage voters to select DiSibio and Farrell on Tuesday.

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