Give a vote of support to Valley Stream's school budgets

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The tax levy increase comes in below the district’s state cap. We like that the Board of Education chose to use additional state aid to help taxpayers, instead of adding programs for the sake of adding programs.

We think this budget is good for all sides. Students will continue to receive a good education. Vote “yes” on Tuesday.

District 30

The budget gods got together and decided it was District 30’s turn for a good year. After making some cuts the past few years, the district is doing something that few other districts anywhere in the state are doing — adding programs.

In reality, a good year for any district is just being able to maintain the status quo. District 30 is in a whole other category. Boosted by a three-year, $600,000 performance grant, several staff positions will be added, including a psychologist, a teacher for either enrichment or Academic Intervention Services, a teacher for a special education inclusion class, special education aides and technology support staff.

And it is doing all this while coming in with a tax levy increase more than a half-percentage point below its limit. In recent years, District 30 has become a model district in terms of student achievement. Now its financial planning is also setting the standard.

The proposed $33.3 million budget is an excellent plan for students and taxpayers alike. It upholds Valley Stream’s commitment to providing children with a quality education.

We can’t say enough about what the administration and Board of Education have done here. This budget deserves the community’s support. We also encourage voters to OK a capital reserve proposal for repairs at the Forest Road School. Money would come from an existing reserve fund. It’s important to keep the buildings in good shape.

Central High School District

Saying this budget was a challenge to put together might be an understatement. With $2.65 million to cut to meet the tax cap, there was no way to do so without impacting students.
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