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Help your child navigate through math ... easily


Mathnasium of Merrick

2155 Merrick Road, Merrick

(516) 799-MATH (6284)

If math doesn’t come easily to your child, and homework and exams are daunting, Mathnasium centers offer a great solution. Struggling with math from an early age is common, and the key to easy navigation is proper instruction and understanding.

In existence for over a decade, the Mathnasium Method has eased the process of learning math for students via 600-plus centers throughout the U.S, and Canada. Mathnasium centers teach only math, using customized learning plans for each individual student.

Tony and Rupi Parmar saw a need on Long Island for children, including their own, to find a better way to learn math. As they are both CPAs, they know the importance of having strong math skills in the world today. Children who lack strong math skills often dread school, and lose motivation, enthusiasm and confidence. After looking into various programs, the Parmar’s agreed that the approach used by Mathnasium made the most sense.

Over the past few years, they opened Mathnasium centers in Huntington and Syosset. Their Wantagh location, which covered Bellmore to Massapequa, was moved this summer to Merrick, and they plan also to open a center in Massapequa for the convenience of their South Shore clientele.

The goal at Mathnasium is to increase children’s math skills, overall school performance, and the understanding of math concepts. Ideally, addition should be mastered by second or third grade, multiplication and division by third or fourth, and fractions by fifth or sixth. Instructors at Mathnasium are trained to teach in a way that makes the child comfortable. Each student is first evaluated so that his or her weaknesses and skills are recognized, and needs can be met. “With understanding comes passion,” Tony Parmar said.

Mathnasium, a math-only learning center, offers homework help, test preparation, and math enrichment for children and teens in grades 2 through 12. High school students needing SAT/ACT prep, help with algebra, geometry and calculus can benefit as well. Expert math instructors at Mathnasium help build strong math skill foundations. Centers are designed as a safe haven for children who need relief from the frustration, boredom and embarrassment they may have been experiencing in school. Instruction is available after school and on weekends. Check the website — — for schedules and further information.